Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan
Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan

Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan

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Optional Shower Curtain
  • Available on backorder: shipping in late July

***This product is currently on backorder and will ship at the end of July. Placing an order ensures your place in line and a faster delivery. We will follow up with timely communication about your exact ship week. Please contact us with any questions!***

The Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan was designed to be installed into the surface of your camper van floor, out of the way but hidden in plain sight! It is a more straightforward alternative to the Tetravan Folding Shower.

The magnetic steel pan is designed to be recessed into the surface of your van’s floor - when installed, it should sit slightly over 1" below the floor surface. This is a great option for taller van dwellers as it maximizes headroom. A cross break in the bottom of the pan directs water in the pan to an included drain.

A magnetic waterproof shower curtain is available which is sized to perfectly to match the shower pan. The curtain has magnets sewn into the bottom edges to attach the curtain to the inside edges of the pan. A special water-tight magnetic closure at the front makes getting in and out easy. The curtain widens to over 30 inches toward the top to maximize shoulder space. Both loops and grommets are sewn into the top to allow for adjustable mounting heights.


  • Tetravan in-floor shower pan
  • Scandvik drain
  • (Optional) Tetravan Universal Shower Curtain - magnetic hand-sewn ripstop curtain, perfectly sized and designed to work with the Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan (73" long)
  • Pan Materials: Laser cut from heavy gauge galvanized steel with a black mini texture powder coat for grip, durability and ease of cleaning
  • Optional Curtain Materials: The handsewn shower curtain is made out of gray waterproof nylon ripstop, with magnets sewn into the lining
  • Drain: Scandvik 10352 - 1-1/2" Drain
  • Dimensions: Outer dimensions: 30” x 24”, Inner dimensions: 28” x 22”, Max depth: 1.31"
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Technical Drawing: See here

This pan is designed to be installed into the surface of your van’s floor and has a depth of 1" below the floor surface.

The pan has not been predrilled with any mounting holes, but holes can be drilled in the top flange or the inside vertical edge.

We ship within the contiguous United States, to Canada, and to select European countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany).

For international shipping outside of the areas above, contact us at sales@tetravan.com and we can work with you on a special shipping quote.

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Watch it in action

Fast and easy

Transform the floor of your van with the In Floor Shower Pan and Magnetic Curtain! Credit to Nevada's Spirit Camper Vans for the video.


Common install locations include:

  • Next to sliding door
  • In front of driver's side wheel well
  • Near rear door / in garage

Many van dwellers will choose to install the in-floor plan near an existing plumbed water source, which usually means somewhere near their kitchen. For convenience, it is common to use your kitchen sink sprayer as your shower-head.

Alternatively, some prefer to install in their garage, where they can easily spray down gear, dogs, and themselves! Many vans will have an existing spray nozzle and water source in the garage.

The beauty of the in-floor pan is that it literally takes up no space. The biggest consideration is where you can drill into your floor to install the drain, and where the grey water will drain into.

Grey water typically drains directly out to the ground, or you may find it convenient to drain into a grey water tank instead. Keep in mind that in many places, including campgrounds, it is frowned upon to direct grey water directly onto the ground.

We recommended creating a removable "insert" made out of plywood or another material that can sit inside the shower pan.

You can then cover the insert with whatever your van floor material is made out of, so it melds seamlessly with the floor of your van and becomes "invisible". You just pop it out when you are ready to take a shower!

Some tips for making the insert: the ideal thickness is 3/4". This should leave enough room for you to mount your floor material on top. We also recommend putting little rubber feet on the bottom of the insert, so it doesn't rattle against the bottom of the pan while you are driving.

There are no generic install instructions, because every vehicle will have a different floor with different drainage, flooring thickness and material.

You'd want to use a router to create the inset for the shower pan rim to sit into so it is flush in the floor, and then you'd cut out the entire flooring panel where the pan itself sits. You would certainly want to use adhesive to attach the shower pan to the subfloor of the vehicle.

The flooring that you cut out can become part of the "insert" or "lid" for the pan when it is not in use.

While you may find other metal shower pans out there, we think the Tetravan In-Floor Shower Pan is the best out there for a few reasons:

  • it's made out of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and feels extremely sturdy under your feet
  • it has a cross break in the bottom of the pan so water is directed to the center drain
  • it is made of magnetized steel, and is sized to work seamlessly with the magnetic Tetravan Universal Shower Curtain - no hassle with splashing water, and no fussing around with the curtain staying put!

Unfortunately, we don't offer custom sizes of the shower pan right now.

We sized the pan to feel like you will have enough space to comfortably stand in when you are showering, but without taking up too much floor space (the inner dimensions of the pan are 28” x 22”).