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Folding Shower

The Tetravan Shower is designed to work in a variety of layouts. See example floor plans for inspiration.

We want your shower to take up the least amount of space possible when you aren’t using it, and give you the maximum number of options when deciding where to put it in your van. You can mount it inside a cabinet and under windows. You only need about 7” of depth and 32.5” of height, and enough space for the shower pan to fold down completely and rest on the floor.

You will also want to think about how to route your plumbing to the shower for hot and cold water, and where you’d like the water to drain via the included 1.5" threaded marine drain.

Yes, the Tetravan Shower system is designed to work well in just about any van, assuming it is full height. We have seen it installed successfully in Sprinters, Transits, Promasters, and even trailers and RVs! All you need are the correct dimensions to install, the plumbing hookups, and a place for the water to drain.

You should have a full height (minimum 6’ high roof) van to install the shower. The shower pan itself will be elevated approximately 3” off of the ground when it is in use; you need to subtract that amount of space from your ceiling height and that’s how much vertical space you will have to shower.

Every van’s ceiling height is a little bit different depending on floor insulation, floor thickness, and ceiling materials. Additionally, the walls of Sprinter vans curve towards the ceiling, so if your shower is installed on an outer wall, you may see some additional constraint in your showering space. To maximize vertical space we recommend installing the shower as close to the center of the van as possible, where ceiling height is the greatest.

The bottom line: if you’re over 6’, you’re not going to be able to fully stand straight up to take a shower. While this is unfortunate, we have seen plenty of tall people purchase the shower system with the understanding that having a quick shower option is better than nothing at all.

The shower uses a patent pending drain design that allows water to drain into an angled gutter and exit through an included 1.5" threaded marine shower drain, even when the van is parked on a moderate slope.

The drain hole must be be drilled through the floor of your van, directly underneath the center of the shower's gutter.

Most people choose to hook up their shower drain to the same place the rest of the gray water in their van drains - either a gray water tank or directly out of the bottom of the van onto the ground.

It depends on you and what kind of shower you want to take. The showerhead supports two different modes - a “continuous flow” mode, where the water is continuously flowing, and a “quick rinse” mode, where the water comes out in spurts when you press a button.

We’ve found that people who use the “quick rinse” method of showering use very little extra water and it’s a very efficient way to shower. However, even those who prefer a more traditional shower with a continuous flow have the benefit of knowing that the showerhead is already designed as “low flow” and uses 1.75 gallons of water per minute. Compared to a shower at home that uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute, the Tetravan shower is way more efficient!

However, you’ll still want to limit your shower time - the average Sprinter van water tank is 25 gallons, which means all your water would be gone if you took a luxurious 15 minute shower.

The shower is designed to be easy to install for both professional and DIY builders.

You can flush-mount and install it into a cabinet, a bed-front bulkhead, or an entryway. You need about 7” of depth and 34.5” of height, and the handle will only protrude 3” into your living space. Each shower ships with an installation template to help you cut the right size mounting hole in your cabinet or bulkhead.

The shower is attached via twelve 0.25” diameter holes in the flange that can be used with woodscrews (included) or bolts depending on the material you are attaching it to.

Yes! Download a technical drawing of the Tetravan folding shower here.

We are also available to answer any specific install questions either by emailing sales@tetravan.com or by using our Contact form.


When you want to take a shower, you hang up the four corners of your curtain with hooks or carabiners to attachments in your van ceiling. The curtain has both loops and grommets sewn into the top to allow for adjustable mounting heights. Once it is hung, the curtain widens to over 30 inches toward the top to maximize shoulder space and comfort.

Magnets are hand sewn into the curtain, which makes it easy to attach the bottom of the curtain to the inside edges of the shower pan. A water-tight magnetic closure at the front makes getting in and out easy. Once the curtain is magnetically attached, you will have no issues keeping the water from your shower inside the enclosure and preventing any drips or splashes.

It’s a question we get a lot but it really depends on the temperate and humidity inside your van. The curtain is made out of quick drying waterproof ripstop, which is the same material tent rain flys are made out of.

We’ve found that leaving the curtain up for a half hour to let it dry usually does the trick. Letting it dry outside in the sun will work even faster.

The curtain comes with a mesh storage bag. Many people choose to store the bag inside the shower when it is folded up as a way to save even more space.

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We ship within the contiguous United States, to Canada, and to select European countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany).

For international shipping outside of the areas above, contact us at sales@tetravan.com and we can work with you on a special shipping quote.

We accept returns within 30 days of shipment, assuming products have not been damaged and do not show signs of installation or use.

We charge a 10% restocking fee for returns. If there are any quality issues or defects with the product sent to you, the restocking fee will not apply.

More Questions

Unlike most brands, we actually want to talk to you! Contact us, or shoot us an email at sales@tetravan.com.

We can talk you through the pros and cons of the shower, answer your installation questions, and even walk you through the checkout process if you need it.