Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain
Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain

Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1 with Magnetic Curtain

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Curtain Entry
(Orientation of curtain entry is from outside of the shower facing it head-on)
  • Available on backorder, shipping out in late July

***This product is currently on backorder. Orders placed now will ship in late July. Placing an order ensures your place in line and a faster shower delivery. We will follow up with timely communication about your exact ship week. Please contact us with any questions!***

Meet the Tetravan Folding Shower 2.1, the latest evolution of the popular Tetravan Shower 2.0 System.

The Tetravan Shower offers a full showering experience in your van, trailer or RV while using virtually no extra living space.

To use it, fold down the shower pan and attach the included magnetic shower curtain. Setting up your shower takes under a minute. After you’re done showering, the shower folds up and out of the way.


  • Tetravan folding shower

  • Magnetic shower curtain designed for the Tetravan shower

  • Upgraded stainless steel shower head with flow control, quick-connect hose, mixer valve and shower head mount

  • Scandvik 1.5" straight drain fitting

  • Magnetic zipped mesh pouch for curtain and hose storage

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

  • Shower Materials: The shower is laser cut from heavy-gauge galvanized steel with a black mini texture powder coat for grip, durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Plumbing Fixtures:The included plumbing fixtures are a stainless steel Queensize Camper adjustable shower head, quick release shower hose, shower head holder, shower valve/mixer, and a Scandvik 1.5” threaded straight drain.
  • Plumbing Connections: Hot and cold water connections attach via 1/2” NPS-F fittings. Drain accommodates standard 1.5” threaded fitting.
  • Curtain Materials: The handsewn shower curtain is made out of gray waterproof nylon ripstop, with magnets sewn into the lining.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the nested portion of the shower are 21.75” wide by 30.75” tall. The depth is 3.5” but an additional 3.5” behind the back needs to be kept clear for plumbing lines and shower head/hose storage. The dimensions of the outer flange are 23.25” wide by 32.5” tall.
  • Weight: Approx 60lbs
  • Technical Drawing: See here

This shower is designed to be easy to install for both professional and DIY builders.

You can flush-mount and install it into a cabinet, a bed-front bulkhead, or an entryway. You need about 7” of depth and 32.5” of height, and the handle will only protrude 2.625” into your living space. The cabinet cutout should measure 21.75” wide by 32” tall, starting from floor level.

The shower is attached via 12 0.25” diameter holes in the flange that can be used with woodscrews (included) or bolts depending on the material you are attaching it to. It is also compatible with 1” 8020 extruded aluminum.

The shower's drain hole must be be drilled through the floor of your van, directly underneath the center of the shower's gutter.

Technical Drawing: See here.

We ship within the contiguous United States, to Canada, and to select European countries (United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany).

For international shipping outside of the areas above, contact us at sales@tetravan.com and we can work with you on a special shipping quote.

We accept returns within 30 days of shipment, assuming products have not been damaged and do not show signs of installation.

We charge a 10% restocking fee for returns. If there are any quality issues or defects with the product sent to you, the restocking fee will not apply.


A better way to shower on the road

Loaded with thoughtful features

  1. Fixtures - Stainless steel plumbing fixtures won't rust or discolor
  2. Robust drain design - Patent-pending drain directs water to 2" deep trough to allow showering on more uneven terrain. Drip edge catches last drops after use.
  3. Compression latch - Marine grade compression latch eliminates road vibration.
  4. Flush mount - Face mount flange for easy installation and ultra low profile look.
  5. Finish - Mini texture powder coat is durable and slip resistant.
Layout 1

Cabinet Mount

This layout shows a Tetravan Shower mounted onto the side of a sink cabinet.

The shower shares the existing hot water supply and drain used by the sink, making installation easy. When deployed, the shower uses the typically underutilized entry area of the van.

Layout 2

Bulkhead Mount

The Tetravan Shower can also be mounted directly into an under-bed bulkhead.

This layout is great because it puts your shower in the tallest part of your van and can plumb directly into a hot water supply located in the garage area.

Layout 3

Under bed Mount

Many modular van designs incorporate a multi-panel bed. This makes it possible to install a shower beneath one of the removable panels.

This layout is great if you want your shower “out of sight” when not in use and don’t want to sacrifice any of your non-bed floor space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
VanDer Built
Great container, shower assembly could use options

The shower pan design is a great idea and well-made. However, I wish there had been options for the shower rather than as a 'set'. I ended up swapping out the shower head for something that worked better for me (with a dial on/off so I didn't have to hold it on) as well as changing the valve at the rear so it had a right angle turn and took up less space. The location of the holes in the back also could be better designed (the shower head hole is large enough for the fitting, which makes it larger than the shower hose line and not as water-tight).

Michael Letschin
One of the best purchases yet for my trailer!

Solid construction, easy installation and great stealth look are just a few of the big reasons I love the shower kit. I put it in my homebuilt off road trailer and it gives me space back while having the ability to add a luxury most trailers this size would not have. Highly reccomend.

Tyler Armstrong
In love with this shower!

In love with this shower! The perfect addition to my van. I was never planning on having a shower to save space but this was a game changer. Great fit and finish. Looks awesome at the slider door opening mounted on the cabinet.

Untrapped Solutions
We have purchased multiple 2.0 units.

We have purchased multiple 2.0 units. They have been a huge game changer for having the luxury of a hot shower without sacrificing space, plain and simple. The 2.0 allows for so much more room to accommodate other essentials going into your van build. To top it off, it is a great company to work with and superior customer service.
Thanks Jeremy!!

Brandon Lowe
Good quality

We have not used the shower yet as we are still doing our build but the quality is tops.